Mandy Moore Shows Off Highlights, Golden Tan In Vintage Pic

NBCUniversal Press Tour, January 11, 2020 -- NBC's "This Is Us" Session -- Pictured: Mandy Moore.
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC Universal

This is Us star Mandy Moore showed off her golden highlights and deep tan in a vintage pic the actress and singer shared with Instagram. In the image, the then-teen pop star is seen alongside some pals backstage at an event.

The young woman in the pic, who currently plays Rebecca Pearson on the wildly popular NBC drama series This is Us, would have likely never imagined she would one day star in a hit television series.

In the 2001 photo, Mandy was still riding high from the success of her first hit single “Candy” and album So Real.

The style was reminiscent of the era where frosted hair, bronze skin and lots of tummies were shown by young women vying for pop star glory including Mandy, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera.

Mandy was seen in the pic wearing what appears to be a vintage T-shirt that has the words “The Thrifty Cowboy” written across the front. The T-shirt had cutoff sleeves — the better to show off the pop princess’ tanned and toned arms.

The future television star’s tan was dark, and her makeup also reflected the era. A glowing face with lots of shimmers was the norm, along with thin eyebrows, frosted shadow, pink cheeks and lots of lip gloss.

Mandy’s hair was cut in a chic bob and frosted to perfection. It blown out with lots of wings, reminiscent of the fashion worn in the 1970s by pin-up Farrah Fawcett.

Her pals, including actress Ashley Eckstein (That’s So Raven) seen in the center of the pic, also had deep tans and light-colored makeup.

They were standing in front of a door with the singer’s name on it and an image of the then-pop superstar. It was unclear where when the photo was taken — perhaps at a personal appearance.

Mandy joked that she was going for an “understated look” at the time.

Fans of the actress loved the throwback pic, recalling their own days as teens trying hard to copy this type of look.

“Omg! I went to great lengths back in the day to achieve this look haha,” said one of her many fans.

“I think the only thing understated in ’01 was our eyebrows,” joked a second follower of Mandy’s who lived through the era.

“This is absolutely the reason we all had chunky highlights and the “flip” hair cut!!!” revealed a third admirer of the A-lister actress.