‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Talks About Body Image On Twitter, Admits She Felt ‘Intimidated’ By Co-Stars

Lili Reinhart attends a Variety event
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart recently responded to a fan’s question about body image issues. She admitted to feeling “intimidated” by her co-stars at times due to her recent weight gain, reports E! News.

The actress has been vocal in the past about her struggle with depression and insecurity. On Thursday, a fan on Twitter asked Reinhart what she thought about adults on the CW series with very fit bodies playing young teenagers, and whether or not she thought that was a good message to send to the audience.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Reinhart admitted that even she felt the pressure to look a certain way due to the unrealistic standards often presented in the entertainment industry, with emphasis on women’s bodies in particular.

She wrote that not everyone in the series is completely in shape and admitted that she had recently put on a few pounds due to her struggles with depression over the last couple of months.

“But I have come to terms with my body and that I’m not the kind of person you would see walking on a runway during fashion week. I have bigger boobs, I have cellulite on my thighs/butt, and my stomach sticks out rather than curves in.”

The Hustlers actress went on to say that despite her personal body image issues, she felt “an obligation” to show an accurate representation of the different body types by moving forward with the various bra and underwear scenes assigned to her character, Betty Cooper, on the show.

Reinhart has a significant following on social media, with almost 3 million followers on Twitter alone, many of them flocked to her thread to praise her for her inspiring words. Most of her followers appreciated her refusal to be anything less than authentic with both herself and her fans. Within two hours of posting her initial tweet, it earned more than 15,000 likes and 1,200 retweets.

“I’m so proud of you, I’m so lucky to have you as a role model, thank you, I love you so much,” wrote one person.

“Sometimes I have a very low self but I see your interviews or messages like these and you make me fit so well with my body,” tweeted another user in response.

At least one person shared Reinhart’s speech on body image from Glamour’s 2018 Women of the Year Summit, where the actress urged young men and women to find peace with their individual beauty rather than succumbing to unrealistic standards.