Chrissy Teigen Flaunts Her Backside In Leggings With John Legend’s Face On The Butt And Claps Back At A Troll

Emma McIntyreGetty Images for The Recording Academy

Chrissy Teigen was pictured rocking a pair of skintight leggings with a one-of-a-kind design in an Instagram snapshot that she uploaded on Thursday. She also struck a somewhat unusual pose by making her backside the focus of her photo, and an internet troll tried to body-shame her — charging that the model had altered the image to change the appearance of her derriere. However, Chrissy wasn’t having it.

Chrissy and her husband, R&B singer John Legend, are both known for their style. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was showing off a pair of black spandex leggings sporting John’s face on the booty. Two large red hearts emblazoned with her husband’s face adorned the seat of her pants. Pink and red stripes shot out from the tops of the hearts and curved back around to run down the garment’s legs.

Chrissy paired her fun bottoms with a black tank top. She posed on her hands and knees with her rear in the air to give her fans a better view of John’s face. She was photographed peeking back over her shoulder at the camera.

In the caption of her post, Chrissy revealed that her leggings were a “random” item that someone sent to her house.

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we get ... really random stuff sent to the house

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“Photoshopped. Why didn’t it look like that when John was in the jacuzzi like ‘wth is that,'” read one response to Chrissy’s photo.

The comment was likely in reference to a paparazzi photo of John and Chrissy that went viral last summer. While the couple was soaking in a jacuzzi, John was captured on camera looking at his wife’s butt with what many took to be a look of disgust on his face. As reported by Women’s Health, some internet trolls reacted to the photo by body-shaming Chrissy. Many of them made mean-spirited comments about the size of her butt.

The model responded to the critics by informing them that she’s perfectly aware that she has “no *ss.” She also clapped back at the troll who accused her of photoshopping her booty to make it look different in the photo of her leggings. In addition to using her signature sense of humor to skewer the body-shamer, she dropped some knowledge about posing for social media photos.

“Maybe you’ve just never seen a girl in this position before but it’s good for looking like you have an *ss,” Chrissy retorted.

Chrissy’s followers loved her clap back.

“Yas all hail our sass queen,” wrote one fan.

“Damn @chrissyteigen did that and didn’t even provide water for the burn,” another fan remarked.

Others expressed their love for Chrissy’s leggings.

“I need a pair with you on them @chrissyteigen,” wrote actress Milla Jovovich.

“Legendary pair of leggings,” quipped another commenter.

While the real John wasn’t pictured with Chrissy, fans can watch the couple together in a new Genesis commercial. Instead of rocking leggings, Chrissy wore a glamorous gown for her first Super Bowl ad.