‘SmashMuck Champions’ Revealed At PAX East

'SmashMuck Champions' revealed at PAX East

SmashMuck Champions was unveiled at PAX East today.

From the outset, SmashMuck Champions appears to be an all-out cartoon brawler along the lines of Power Stone, but with a more stable fighting ground. It’s a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that is said to be faster, so we could be seeing some heated and intense matches here.

SmashMuck Champions is easier to get into than most MOBA titles, with more of a focus on action. With most PC and Mac titles, easy gameplay is usually nixed in favor of using as many keys as possible, but this game keeps it basic, making us believe that it might eventually make its way to console downloads (please, please).

The character roster offers less than usual, and offers more ways to customize them. Items you use in the game are equipped before the match, eliminating the need to pause and potentially get your ass handed to you as you sort through your things.

Instead of clicking to move, the WASD keys move the character around the field. This makes it easier to move around and attack in various directions with auto-targeting. Apparently, this game is focusing on making your matches fast and furious instead of encumbered by the controls like most computer titles tend to be.

Destroying your opponents’ tower and base is an option, but it’s not the only option. There is also the usual capture-the-flag mode familiar to the shooter fans out there. You can also simply focus on just fighting the opponents.

SmashMuck Champions‘ fog of war doesn’t work the way it does in most Blizzard RTS games such as StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Bringing up a map shows where the opponent is at any time, so you can more effectively plan your attack or defense, depending on what they’re up to. Death will happen a lot, and thankfully you can respawn, though a timer limits how often this can happen.

SmashMuck Champions could very well be one of those simpler games you play when everything else is getting old. The title is currently in a closed Beta on Steam, but will be made public later this year.

Are you excited about the PAX East reveal of SmashMuck Champions?