February 6, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Taggert & Jordan Are Hiding A Big Secret & Curtis Is Already Suspicious

Some interesting tidbits popped up during Thursday's episode of General Hospital, and spoilers hint that there could be some surprising twists and turns on the way. Taggert is back in Port Charles after many years away, and now it has been revealed that there is more than just friendship in his history with Jordan.

During Thursday's show, Jordan and Taggert had a conversation at the PCPD. He managed to get his hands on Bob's personal medical records, and both Taggert and Jordan concurred that the circumstances of Bob's death still didn't make sense.

This quickly brought up an interesting, but mysterious, exchange between the two. They referenced a situation that they had promised to never tell anybody about, and it was clear that Bob was a part of whatever had happened as well. In addition, they started to wonder if the seemingly nefarious incident the trio had vowed to keep secret played into Bob's recent death.

Soon, Curtis arrived and was curious to see Taggert there. His curiosity intensified when Jordan and Taggert lied about how this was the first time they had run into one another since the detective returned to town.

Curtis knows this isn't true because Laura had just told him when he visited her at General Hospital that she saw Taggert and Jordan together. Laura had also admitted some surprise that Curtis had no idea who Taggert was, as she would have thought Jordan would have talked about him.

Many General Hospital fans figured that there would be something juicy about Taggert and Jordan's past, and many guessed it would turn out they used to be romantically involved. That may still be the case, but now it sounds as if they perhaps crossed some ethical or legal lines together during their DEA days.

There has also been speculation Taggert's return to Port Charles might somehow connect to the attack on Sonny's business. Sonny visited the supposedly responsible mob boss, Cyrus, at Pentonville, and Cyrus talked about having been done wrong.

Could whatever it is that Jordan, Taggert, and Bob did be connected to Cyrus and his current situation? If that is the case, it has made Taggert's return to town and connection to Jordan much juicier than many General Hospital fans initially anticipated.

Based on the General Hospital spoilers currently available via SheKnows Soaps, it may take a while for fans to see how this all pieces together. During the week of February 17, Sonny will be issuing a warning to somebody. In addition, Curtis is going to confront Jordan. That week also brings a confrontation between Jordan and an old enemy, and someone puts Curtis on notice in some sense.

General Hospital fans are not necessarily excited about a mob war dominating the show again. However, in this case, spoilers tease that there might be some unexpected connections and shockers ahead that will have everybody buzzing.