YouTube strikes a little fear into television execs

One of the funnier things about the whole late night wars that have finally, and thankfully, stopped was t he idea that Conan would head to the web for his next gig. Seriously – get a grip cause that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.

However I wouldn’t suggest that the television executives get too comfortable on their collective asses as YouTube has just shot a huge warning shot across their over-valued bows. They have just signed a two year exclusive deal to broadcast the Indian Premier League live on the Internet.

Ya, I can hear the Americans going *YAWN* who cares?

Well since you won’t be getting it in the US it probably doesn’t matter you can keep watching your kitty videos but for the rest of the world this is a huge thing. The deal is a little convoluted as according to the report in the Guardian Online

The two-year deal gives the Google-owned YouTube the exclusive rights to stream IPL matches online, with the two companies splitting revenue from sponsorship and advertising.

In the UK broadcast rights were held by Setanta, which closed last year, and have yet to be sold on. A spokesman for the IPL said that a TV rights deal for the UK would go ahead. “The dedicated loyal fanbase will still want to watch on TV,” he said.

The value of YouTube’s deal was not disclosed. However, the IPL originally sold its internet rights to the Dubai-based company netlinkblue for $50m over 10 years. At the time the IPL made it clear that online streaming deals excluded markets – such as cricket playing nations including such as South Africa and New Zealand – where television broadcast deals were in place. In August 2009, netlinkblue’s parent company, Live Current Media, sold its IPL contract to Global Cricket Ventures for $1.75m, which worked with the IPL on the latest deal.

Willow TV holds the North America internet rights.

Under the IPL deal, YouTube will broadcast 60 matches over 45 days live in the 2010 IPL season through a dedicated channel at YouTube claims that this is the first major sporting event to be streamed across the globe.

Below is the video of Shailesh Rao, Managing Director, Google India making the announcement