February 6, 2020
Kendra Wilkinson Gets Fiery In A 'Little Red Dress'

Kendra Wilkinson recently got flirty on her Instagram stories, posting several selfies of herself in a short red dress. The reality star posed seductively in a bathroom while she held her phone up to the mirror to take the shots.

The Kendra on Top star wowed her 2.8 million followers with the photos and video, which got even more detailed as the story went on.

In the first photo, Kendra posed with her hand on her hip, showing off her crimson wrap dress. The tight, long-sleeved frock fell just past her thighs. It boasted a deep-V neckline.

She paired the ensemble with black, strappy, open-toed heels. Her toenail polish matched the outfit perfectly as her nails were painted bright pink, perhaps to give the outfit some early Valentine's Day flair.

The former Playboy model wore her blond hair parted deeply to the side, with her slight ombre locks tucked behind one ear. Her voluminous tresses fell just above her chest in waves.

Kendra used the Kinetic Frame Instagram filter for the photo, giving the picture a slight sepia tone. It also shot rainbow-colored rays of light across the black-and-white tiled bathroom floor.

"Little red dress," she captioned the picture.

In the second image, Kendra puckered her pout for the camera. She leaned forward with one hand on her thigh, sticking her bust out. The dress appeared lighter in this photo, though it could be because of the Mood Sparkles filter, which gave the picture a pink glow. It also dotted the image with pink hearts and confetti.

For the third slide flaunting the outfit, Kendra gave fans a video of the full thing from head-to-toe. She first panned over the gown in the mirror before switching to filming it in real life, showing even more details on the dress and the black stilettos. The clip also offered a close-up of the reality star's face, which positively glowed.

Her skin was sun-kissed as per usual, and she appeared to wear bronzer on her cheeks, which made her look even more tan. She tilted her head to the side and put her hand on her throat seductively.

While Kendra's more sultry selfies are few and far between, the model does enjoy posting pictures of herself often. Whether she's wearing minimal makeup, hitting the gym, or all dolled up, Kendra frequently shares selfies on her Instagram stories. Though she recently reflected on the joy of living "a more private life," she made sure to confirm that it doesn't mean she is leaving the app anytime soon.