February 6, 2020
'The Young And The Restless' Recap For Thursday: Billy Rescues Amanda

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, February 6, shows Kyle and Summer making up for lost time while Mariah provides a listening ear for Lola. Plus, Billy helps out Amanda after Nate warns him to stay away, and Theo gets busted by Jack.

Nate (Sean Dominic) and Billy (Jason Thompson) argued about Amanda (Mishael Morgan) at Crimson Lights. Nate warned Billy to stay away, but Billy let Nate know it's none of his business. Meanwhile, in Amanda's suite, Ripley (Christian Keyes) begged her to give him 10 minutes to talk. He asked if they could forget about the restraining order for a minute. She was uneasy and wanted to call the cops. When there was a knock on the door, Amanda quickly opened it, and Billy stepped in, helping her get Ripley to leave. Billy then held her, and he stayed and slept in a chair while staying with Amanda since she felt unsafe. Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) also took her statement and reassured her that they would find her ex-fiance.

Jack (Peter Bergman) saw Lola (Sasha Calle) with her head on Theo's (Tyler Johnson) shoulder outside Society. When she left, Jack confronted Theo. However, Theo let his uncle know that he needed to talk to Kyle (Michael Mealor). Jack worried that Theo was taking advantage of Lola, and he cautioned his nephew not to make the same mistakes he's made over the years. Later, Jack called Kyle and warned him not to make any mistakes that he couldn't undo. At Jabot, Theo sat in Kyle's chair and looked at a picture of Kyle and Lola.

Meanwhile, at The Grand Phoenix, Kyle told Summer (Hunter King) that he ended things with Lola. He went up to his room, and then Summer stopped by with "room service." Summer said she wouldn't apologize for still wanting him, and he admitted that both he and Lola knew that Summer was still in his head and heart. She unpacked a few things for Kyle, and then he stopped her from leaving. The two began kissing, and they fell into the bed together.

At Crimson Lights, Lola sat on the patio alone, and Mariah (Camryn Grimes) found her there. Lola revealed that she and Kyle are through, and then she went up to her apartment with Mariah. Mariah tried to blame Summer, but Lola explained that Kyle truly loves Summer. Then, Mariah helped pack up Kyle's stuff while they talked, firmly telling Lola that she couldn't be with Theo ever because he's untrustworthy. Lola admitted she likes Theo, and Mariah said they're doomed.