February 6, 2020
Fitness Trainer Lisa Lanceford Powers Through Chest Workout In Gray Sports Bra And Leggings

Fitness trainer Lisa Lanceford shared a chest-focused gym workout with her 1.8 million Instagram followers on Thursday. Dressed in a gray sports bra and dusty pink leggings, the brunette bombshell started the workout with standing cable presses. In her caption, she advised positioning the cables so that they align with the chest muscles to ensure that they're targeted during the exercise. She also suggested angling the arms wide as the weight is lowered, also mentioning the importance of keeping the movement controlled.

In the second video, Lisa tackled a set of barbell bench presses. Based on the labels seen on the weights, the trainer benched 10 kilograms during the session and did so with her back slightly arched. Her caption recommended doing three 12-rep sets of this routine.

She brought out her 10-kilogram dumbbells for the third clip to complete a series of alternating dumbbell chest presses on an incline bench. This move required her to hold one weight above her chest as she pressed the other dumbbell back and up again. For this exercise, Lisa suggested doing four sets of 12 reps and advised against twisting the weight when pushing it upward.

The stunner stood behind the incline bench for the next exercise -- a set of close-grip pushups. As the name suggests, Lisa's left and right hands were next to one another for these pushups. She leaned her body forward until it formed a diagonal line in relation to the floor.

Her caption advised against arching the back during the exercise. She also instructed viewers to keep their elbows close to the body when trying this variation on the standard push-up. Unlike the previous routines in this circuit, Lisa recommended three sets of these pushups, each comprising of 15 reps.

In the comments section, some fans gushed about Lisa being their fitness motivation.

"You are my everyday inspiration I have to say, " one fan wrote before adding a double heart emoji to their comment.

"Love your workouts!' another added. "I keep saving them and have learned so much from you!"

Other commenters gushed over Lisa's physical appearance.

"You get more and more perfect every day," a third commenter said.

Others were blunter in their commentary about Lisa's figure.

"Nice bod girl!" a fourth admirer wrote.

Lisa's previous upper body workout demonstration focused on the shoulders. In a video series she uploaded to Instagram one day ago, she performed a circuit that included dumbbell lateral raises, military presses and more. The series proved popular with her fans, who rewarded the upload with close to 30,000 likes.