February 6, 2020
'Teen Mom OG' Star Catelynn Lowell Claps Back At Critics: 'People Will Always Judge On How We Parent'

When it comes to criticism, Catelynn Lowell is used to being judged by those who follow her life on reality television. However, the reality show mainstay got ahead of the critics on Thursday after a recent parenting decision. Talking to Champion Daily, Catelynn opened up about letting her 5-year-old daughter Nova get "rainbow" hair, clapping back at her critics.

First, the Teen Mom OG star explained that her daughter has been "begging" for such a hairdo. Catelynn, who has dyed her locks many times and in multiple shades, was adamant that she wasn't going to let Nova put real dye on her natural hair. Cate mentioned to her hairstylist that her child wanted rainbow hair and that is when the stylist came up with a great idea that would allow the young girl to get her wish -- without having to apply any dyes. The stylist took some fake pieces of hair, dyed those, and then beaded them into the 5-year-old's hair.

It appears that Cate was happy with the situation as it allowed her young daughter to have the hairdo she wanted without applying any color to her natural hair. Catelynn then revealed that Nova is pleased with the situation as well.

"Nova feels like rainbow dash and she is so proud showing off her rainbow hair to EVERYONE!" the reality star revealed.

Of course, Catelynn anticipated that no matter what she does, people will judge her. She clapped back with the following remarks, as quoted by Champion Daily.
"People will always judge on how we parent but guess what?!? MY child MY choice! And whatever makes this little girl happy I'm going to do! It's not like we are giving her away, abusing her, or neglecting her, so move on!"
When Catelytnn posted the photo of Nova's hair on Instagram, she must have known that her fans would have opinions about her choice. Hoping to avoid any negativity, Cate first limited commenting on the post. She also said in her caption that people should "calm down" and explained that it wasn't Nova's actual hair that had dye on it.

Since the image went live yesterday, Catelynn's photo of her daughter's new hairdo has received over 77,000 likes from her fans. Despite not being able to comment on the photo, it sounds like her followers supported her decision to allow her child to add a dash of color to her blond locks.