‘World War Z’ Gets New Poster Featuring Zombie Pile

World War Z gets new poster

World War Z has got a brand new poster that shows off just why the zombies in this movie are terrifying. The poster comes on the same day when a new trailer was leaked and made the web before Paramount studios could pull it back.

The movie studio is apparently looking to officially release that new trailer at midnight tonight, but enough people jumped the gun that several sites were able to grab the video before it could be pulled off of YouTube.

That trailer seemed to give us quite a bit more insight into how the world is attempting to deal with the zombie issue.

World War Z stars Brad Pitt as United Nations employee Gerry Lane. After getting his family out of a city that was in the crosshairs of the zombie plague Lane sets out to find a way to stop the decimation of the entire human race.

The mistake surrounding the release of the new trailer is just the latest in a series of gaffes and bad press for a movie that has angered some fans of the original book.

That book centered around people talking about how they dealt with the zombie plague and how the world was going to heal itself now that the threat was almost entirely ended.

One of the incidents of bad press came along when reports surfaced that Pitt was refusing to have any contact with the director of the film.

The new poster seems to be a concerted effort to turn the press and the fans around on this film which certainly shows zombies in a way we haven’t really seen before.

28 Days Later and the new Dawn of the Dead both featured fast running zombies (though 28 Days Later didn’t really have zombies) but the creatures in this movie take on a brand new aspect.

World War Z Poster

The poster shows a horde of zombies basically just crawling over each other, to the point where they basically form a giant pile or hill. They use this technique, almost assuredly without meaning to to reach objects that should be safe from their reach.

Exhibit one of that is the helicopter the zombies are clearly bringing down.

World War Z is due out in theaters on June 21 after originally being slated as a Christmas 2012 movie.