‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Laura’s Ready To Talk & Jason Issues A Warning

Nick AgroABC

The new Port Charles mob war edges forward with Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that Sonny and Jason will be moving forward aggressively to try to contain this situation, and Laura will awaken and be ready for some questions about the shooting she endured.

Jason managed to find out from one of the men who shot up the warehouse that the person behind this new war is a man named Cyrus Renault. Sonny will focus on trying to deal with Cyrus during a visit with him at Pentonville, and Jason will try to get things under control via other avenues.

The preview shared via Twitter, along with photos released by ABC, indicate that Jason will be one of several people hanging around General Hospital on Thursday. Spoilers detail that Laura will be awake now that her surgery is behind her, and people will be anxious to see what additional insight she can provide regarding what happened at the pier.

General Hospital spoilers share that Kevin will be right by his wife’s side as she faces visitors and questions. Curtis will spend some time in her room, as will Jason. Laura will note that she is confident she was not the intended target, something that Jason and Sonny have already figured was the case.

Michael will also end up at General Hospital during Thursday’s show. Spoilers note that Jason and Michael will talk as they walk through the halls, and they are both clearly worried about this situation.

Jason will tell Michael that they’ve learned that Cyrus is involved. While viewers aren’t familiar with this mob boss, it certainly looks like Michael, Jason, and Sonny know who he is and know he is trouble.

SheKnows Soaps suggests that Jason will deliver a warning to somebody. It could be that he is warning Michael or Laura to be careful, or he could end up talking with someone else. Regardless of who else is involved in this warning, Soap Central teases that he won’t hold back or mince words.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Cyrus will propose a deal to Sonny during this visit at Pentonville, but Sonny won’t be interested. Who else is working with Cyrus and coordinating all of this from the outside? How ugly will this mob war get?

People connected to Sonny and his family are feeling quite anxious about the multi-site ambush that caused so much chaos last week. Carly is frightened, Jax is mad, and Laura has difficult decisions to make as the mayor of Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers signal that this will intensify before it is resolved, and fans are curious to see exactly who else is involved.