February 6, 2020
Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Lucas Finally Awakens & This Has Julian Scrambling

Thursday brings a can't-miss episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Lucas' loved ones will gather by his bedside at Turning Woods after receiving the news that he has awakened. This is great news for everybody, but both Julian and Brad are going to be quite worried as well.

The sneak peek for Thursday's show reveals a few tidbits about what is on the way. Viewers saw during Wednesday's episode that Brad and Julian were together when the call came that Lucas had come out of his coma.

Unfortunately, this wasn't necessarily a positive visit between Lucas' father and husband. Julian said he was there to help, but he actually drugged Brad's coffee. It seems that Julian made this bold move with the hope that Brad would end up in trouble and behind bars, and he could care for Wiley.

Brad never did have a sip of that coffee and his priority now will be to get to Lucas' bedside. He will be thrilled to have his husband conscious again, but he'll also be anxious to see what Lucas remembers about the accident.

Not only is Brad worried, but Julian is too. Brad may not have told Lucas about Julian's involvement in covering up the baby swap, but it's bound to come out if Lucas remembers that Wiley is really Jonah.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Julian will get quite aggressive about trying to ensure he doesn't get exposed in this situation.

"There's no way in h*ll that you're bringing me down with you," Julian will snarl at Brad at some point during Thursday's show.

Photos made available by ABC indicate that Lucas will be fully awake and interacting with his loved ones quite quickly. He'll surely be confused and struggle to understand what has transpired over the past couple of months, and his memories are sure to be fuzzy. Will he remember Brad's confession?

The 'General Hospital' cast films Lucas' awakening
ABC | Nick Agro

Apparently, Lucas will not immediately recall that Brad dropped that bombshell confession right before their car smashed into Kendra's. General Hospital spoilers suggest that both Brad and Julian will be quite relieved to figure this out, and Julian will try to take control of things to ensure he doesn't end up exposed.

Lucas doesn't remember Brad's bombshell now, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that it isn't going to take long for him to start remembering bits and pieces. When he does remember being told that Wiley is Jonah, what will he do?

ABC has promised that the truth about the baby swap will be revealed soon. Lucas has the truth buried in his mind, and Nelle is free and anxious to reunite with her son, so it's something of a race to see how this bombshell finally drops. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it will take at least a few more weeks for this to play out, but fans seemingly have quite the wild ride ahead of them with this storyline progression.