February 6, 2020
Kelly Clarkson Was 'Singing & Dancing' With Jennifer Lopez & Shakira During Super Bowl Performance

Kelly Clarkson was clearly a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's high energy Super Bowl halftime performance. The original American Idol winner took to Twitter this week to share a whole lot of praise for the talented duo as she admitted that she was up on her feet singing and dancing along the whole time the two were on stage in the middle of Super Bowl LIV on February 2.

Kelly made the confession on Twitter on February 5 as a number of famous fans, including Pink, came out in support of the duo after some claimed their performance was a little too risqué.

Kelly replied to a tweet from JLo which showed how she and Shakira shared a big hug while still on the stage immediately after finishing their stellar performance at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.

The twosome looked insanely happy after a job well done while the mom of two captioned the clip with a number of hashtags, including "#MissionAccomplished."

The short and sweet clip captured Kelly's attention as she replied with a sweet message for the "Waiting For Tonight" singer that showed just how much she loved their halftime show.

"It was beautiful, strong, and inspiring!! Y'all should be so proud!" Kelly said on Twitter as she quoted JLo's video post.

She then admitted that she didn't sit down once during their 15-minute set and was so excited that she thinks her husband, music manger Brandon Blackstock, was probably left a little confused by her overly excited reaction.

"I was on my feet singing and dancing the entire time while my husband was probably very confused because you would have thought I was up there dancing with y'all," she said, adding two crying laughing emoji and a sassy hand.

Fans clearly loved seeing The Voice coach spread the love for her fellow singers. Her tweet praising the talented duo has received more than 13,300 likes as well as plenty of replies from fans who praised her for so publicly showing her support for the ladies.
"Women empowering women.. That's how it should be," one fan replied with several emoji, including a red heart and a crown.

"I wish he would have recorded it!!!" another person commented. "P.S. I absolutely love when females SUPPORT one another!! Heck yeah! Amazing job!"

"Women empowering women, awesome. You should do a Super Bowl halftime show!" a third wrote, shortly after Kelly used the social media site to send a sweet message to a fan going through a tough time.

Many others also called for Kelly to take on the prestigious Super Bowl halftime show. The "Breakaway" singer is yet to take on the halftime slot, though she did open the game with a performance of the national anthem back in 2012 for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.