One-Man A Capella Band Performs Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ And Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Wish’

Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder A Capella

Michael Jackson’s hit song Thriller is not an easy song to sing, just don’t tell that to YouTube user Inhyeok Yeo. The young man not only performs the song as its lead vocalist, he also plays all of the musical instruments — with his mouth!

To accomplish his musical acrobatics Inhyeok recorded each part of the song separately. You can hear the a capella performer play the guitar, crash a symbol, master the drums and lay down a bass track among other instruments. All the while he takes on the lead vocals on what is arguably one of the toughest singers to emulate.

While the vocals might not be spot on he more than makes up for it with his crazy musical talents.

Since uploading the Thriller a capella video to YouTube on January 13, 2013 it has racked up 250,000 views.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly, so much so that his February 27 upload of Stevie Wonder’s I Wish has inched towards 500,000 views!

If you pay close attention to the music videos he has created you’ll even notice that each of his instrumental performances pop in and out of the grid display as they are used. For example, if the guitar fades out of the song so does the image of Yeo performing that instruments part.

Here is the performer singing and playing all of the instruments for Michael Jackson’s Thriller:

And here is Inhyeok Yeo performing Stevie Wonder’s hit I Wish in all of its a capella wonderfulness: