Hannah Brown Attended The Same School Where ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Sydney Hightower Was Allegedly Bullied

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There has been yet another Bachelor bombshell in regard to current contestant Sydney Hightower’s background. She reportedly went to the same Tuscaloosa, Alabama high school that Hannah Brown attended. This is an odd coincidence as the current Bachelor Peter Weber dated Brown on the last season of The Bachelorette, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Hightower hasn’t yet brought up on the show the fact that she knew Weber’s ex-girlfriend for years and reportedly didn’t tell him either. In a recent interview, Weber was asked if he knew this detail of Hightower’s past, only to respond he had no idea and hadn’t discussed it with Brown.

“I didn’t know. I knew that they were both from Alabama. I had no idea that they went to the same high school,” he said.

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The fact that Brown and Hightower went to school together wouldn’t be as interesting if it wasn’t for the statements Hightower has made regarding her high school experience. During Monday’s three-hour episode of The Bachelor, Hightower told Weber a heartbreaking story about how badly she was bullied in high school and how she often had to eat her lunch alone in a bathroom stall to escape the torment.

While many fans likely felt for after hearing the story, things got confusing and a bit awkward when one of Hightower’s former classmates took to Twitter to accuse Hightower of lying about being bullied. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the former classmate even shared yearbook photos that seemed to show Hightower enjoying a fantastic high school experience, winning numerous awards and beauty pageants.

Fans of the show were shocked by this turn of events and things soon got tense online. Another one of Hightower’s former classmates joined in on the conversation and seemed to confirm claims that things didn’t go down exactly as Hightower had described them.

“Funny that she says she was bullied because in middle school Sydney wrote some of the nastiest stuff in my yearbook and signed her name like she was proud and ended up getting suspended,” a man Hightower once went to school with named Ethan Etheridge tweeted.

Hightower went on to defend herself against the backlash in a tweet writing, “Winning a pageant based off of outer beauty does not take away the racial bullying, and isolation I’ve been through.”

She has since deleted her Twitter and turned off her comments on Instagram. Hannah Brown hasn’t yet spoken out about how well she knew Hightower in the past.