February 6, 2020
'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Shares Super-Relatable Post About Working Out

Chelsea Houska is one of the most stylish Teen Mom 2 stars, but her fans also relate to her quite easily. On Wednesday, she took to her Twitter account to share an update about her workout status.

"I just worked out for the first time in a whiiiiiile. Did it feel good? No. Am I at least glad I did it? Also no," Chelsea tweeted.

The tweet had over 2,000 likes within the first hour of being posted, as well as several retweets. Not only were her more than 1 million followers "liking" the post, but they were also tweeting back to her and showing their support.

"I'm sure you killed it. It'll get better with time!" one follower wrote, adding a red heart emoji.

"Getting a good work out in after being mom all day is hard work in itself," said another social media user, who also used the hashtag "MomLife."

"This is why I haven't started," another admirer wrote with a laughing emoji before adding, "Partly joking."

It is clear that Chelsea's followers are able to identify with her sentiments. While she has just started working out again, the Teen Mom 2 star also uses the Profile plan to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. She has opened up about the plan in the past and explained it to her followers. On her most recent tweet, one fan asked Chelsea if she would recommend it, and she chimed in with a response.

"It's been amazing for me! 30000% recommend," she gushed.

Chelsea has shared that not only does Profile give you a coach's support, but that there is also plan-approved ice cream and shakes available. She revealed that she enjoys the chocolate brownie shake flavor.

The mom-of-three didn't reply to any other comments that were left on her post, but the support kept rolling in.

Earlier this month, Chelsea took to her Instagram stories to answer some fans' questions. One question was about her workout routine as many fans were hoping to learn the reality star's secret to looking great. As it turns out, Chelsea didn't have any routine at the time. She acknowledged that she needed to get back into working out, though, adding that when she worked out regularly, she felt better -- both physically and mentally.

While Chelsea Houska may not have been ecstatic to resume her exercise regimen, it is great that she is making it a point to get back into it.