Vanessa Lachey Says She Wasn't Shading Jessica Simpson When She Denied Sending Her A Baby Gift

Vanessa Lachey says she did not mean to offend Jessica Simpson when she recently said she didn't send her a baby gift. After she was blindsided by a bizarre comment on the Today show, the Love is Blind host said it would have been weird to accept credit for something she didn't do.

Earlier this week, Jessica's ex-husband, Nick Lachey, and his current wife, Vanessa, were caught off-guard when Today show host Hoda Kotb mentioned that Jessica told her the couple sent her "something beautiful" when she had her children.

During the interview, a confused Vanessa admitted she didn't send anything to her husband's ex, and awkwardly added, "I don't know her address. But thank you whoever sent it from us."

Video of the uncomfortable interaction went viral, but in the comments to the Today show's YouTube video of the interview, some accused Vanessa of being petty and insecure about Jessica and shading her with her remarks.

"That was rude behavior yet awkward from Vanessa obviously she's still jealous or insecure," one commenter wrote.

"Insecurities are loud Vanessa," another added.

"Vanessa you're super salty," a third person wrote. "Would have been better if you acted classy. Just be nice."

Other fans theorized that Nick sent Jessica something behind his wife's back, noting that the mom-of-three had no reason to make up the story about the gift. Fans of the former Newlyweds stars know that the ex-couple is no longer in contact following their divorce nearly 15 years ago.

In a series of responses on Twitter, Vanessa explained that she was just trying to be truthful about the confusing situation instead of pretending that she sent her husband's ex-wife a gift.

"I think it's weird accepting credit for something you didn't do or give. Even weirder to bring up something so random. Just giving facts. Wanted to make sure we were truthful." she responded to a social media commenter, according to E! News.

In another tweet, Vanessa questioned if she should have "pretended" to give Jessica a gift. She joked that she could have a do-over where she will tell everyone she sent her husband's first wife a "big beautiful basket."

There have long been rumors that Vanessa can't stand Jessica. A source previously told Radar Online that the former Total Request Live star doesn't appreciate Jessica's past digs about her man – especially the singer's comment that her marriage was her "biggest money mistake." The pop star reportedly had to fork over millions to Nick in their 2006 divorce.

Jessica has included a lot of material about her seven years with Nick in her new memoir, Open Book. The 98 Degrees alum has already said that he and his wife have no plans to read Jessica's memoir -- and they probably won't be sending her a congratulatory gift, either.