February 5, 2020
Jennifer Lopez Puts Focus On The Moments After The Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Went Off The Air

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira worked very hard for several months in order to pull off their Super Bowl LIV halftime show performance, which was made up of 14 minutes worth of tricky moves, vintage songs, expert dancing, and daring feats. The fireworks displays were outrageous, and the staging seemed impossible but these Latina superstars, their co-stars, their stylists, and their other support staff pulled off a performance that has had people talking about the whole shebang days after being delivered.

On Wednesday, JLo allowed guests to see what happened after the event went off the air. She and Shakira stood in the middle of Miami's Hard Rock Stadium as Jennifer's Instagram video peeked in at the aftermath of the fast-paced, eye-popping presentation.

Shakira, who was rocking her gold-colored Versace outfit, was turning around in a circle as if she couldn't believe what happened when JLo -- who wore her silver-colored ensemble, also custom made by Versace -- tapped her partner on the arm. Then, the pair gave each other a boisterous high five before grabbing one another to move in closer for a huge hug as the two stars rocked back and forth, obviously thrilled with their victory.

While this was happening, a blast of fireworks hit the sky above the Florida-based stadium as the crowd made a lot of noise, screaming and clapping while many fans literally jumped up and down.

JLo's most recent Instagram post, revealing what happened after her Super Bowl LIV appearance with Shakira for the half time show concluded, earned plenty of attention from among her more than 111 million social media followers. Within seven hours of the update going live, more than 1.4 million followers clicked "like" on the post, while over 18,600 people offered comments.

Some used emoji -- including red hearts, muscled arms, diamonds, fire, and waving girls emoji -- to share their take on the event, while others wrote words about how they felt.

"We still have the performance on REPEAT!" exclaimed one follower, who added a fire emoji.

"That feeling when you know you just resuscitated the halftime show after multiple years of it being awful," said a second fan, who added a crying face and a fire emoji.

"Yasss QUEEN I'm waiting for the collab," remarked a third Instagram user, who added two wide-eyed faces, one smiling face, and two praying emoji.

"So proud of you two, idc what anyone says best half time show ever!!" insisted a fourth admirer, who added a red heart and a fire emoji.