Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Taggert Has A Confession For Jordan & Curtis Is Suspicious

Fans are going to have some questions after Thursday’s episode, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Taggert has popped up in Port Charles again after many years away, and it’s looking like he may have a bigger agenda than simply helping Jordan dig into the truth about Bob’s death.

Viewers know that Jordan called Taggert and asked him to return to Port Charles. Once he did, he wasted little time in finding Sonny and Jason to taunt them a bit.

It sounds as if Taggert will be around for a while and some fans have noticed that the timing of his return seems to coincide with this new mob war. Could he be connected to it somehow?

General Hospital spoilers from the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest note that Sonny will make the connection about the timing on Taggert’s return. Sonny and Jason have learned that notorious mob boss Cyrus Renault is tied to the attack that recently rattled everybody in Port Charles, and Sonny headed to Pentonville to confront him. However, there are some hints that Taggert may still be involved somehow as well.

The sneak peek for Thursday’s episode shows that Taggert will have something to share with Jordan. General Hospital spoilers detail that he will tell her that he’s not in Port Charles to bring Sonny to justice. Jordan looks a bit stunned by what Taggert is telling her during this conversation, and viewers will be curious to see more of this chat.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Curtis is going to become suspicious about something during the next episode. General Hospital spoilers hint that this is probably related to Taggert. Apparently, Curtis is going to start to realize that Jordan hasn’t been entirely truthful with her husband about her past with the newly-returned detective.

The buzz is that it will eventually emerge that Jordan and Taggert used to be involved romantically. This could cause a bit of tension between Jordan and Curtis, although General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are bigger bombshells on the way regarding Taggert’s presence in Port Charles.

SOD notes that Renault’s name isn’t the only one tossed around in connection to this mob war, as Taggert’s is as well. General Hospital spoilers note that as Sonny moves forward in trying to deal with this mob chaos, Taggert is going to remain on his mind.

How long will Taggert stay in Port Charles and just what else is he involved in besides doing a favor for Jordan? General Hospital spoilers share that this could get intense, and fans cannot wait.