Jax Taylor Claims Kristen Doute Is ‘Wishy-Washy,’ Lied To ‘Pump Rules’ Cast About Ex-Boyfriend Brian Carter

Rob KimE! Entertainment

Jax Taylor believes Kristen Doute was wishy-washy during the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules.

During a February 4 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Taylor took aim at Doute for pulling him and his co-stars, including her former besties Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney, into her messy relationship with now-ex-boyfriend Brian Carter, who she claimed to have split from after Season 7.

“I think Kristen needs to figure herself out and get past whatever she is going through,” Taylor explained. “I think Stassi and Katie have had enough of [Kristen] telling the girls one thing, and [then] telling [her] boyfriend, Carter, another thing.”

According to Taylor, Doute was “wishy-washy” about what was going on between her and Carter throughout Season 8 and allegedly failed to tell him and their other co-stars the full story about what was going on between them. Taylor then said that because of her relationship lies, he doesn’t believe Doute will be making amends with Schroeder and Maloney anytime soon.

During the first four episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 8, Doute’s relationship with Carter was questioned by many, including Lala Kent, who confronted Carter about allegedly freeloading off Doute during episode one, as well as by Taylor, who wondered if Carter was secretly moving into Doute’s new house in The Valley during episode two.

Also during the Entertainment Tonight interview, Taylor’s wife, Brittany Cartwright, said that she sees both sides of Doute’s feud with the other girls and said it was a good decision for them to take a break from their friendship because they had been fighting a lot during Season 8.

Cartwright then said she hopes that Doute, Schroeder, and Maloney will ultimately make amends because it would certainly make for an easier dynamic among their group.

“I hope they can find each other again, like that would be great ’cause then we can be together again and I don’t have to do this with this person, and this with that person. It’s like our parents are divorced,” she explained.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor also suggested that Doute and her co-stars wouldn’t be making up any time soon during an interview with Access Hollywood last month. At the time, Taylor said that because he’s a realist, he’s not giving too much hope to the situation.

“I think Katie and Stassi have gotten older and they’re starting to realize this is not worth it anymore,” he explained, via a clip shared on YouTube.