WWE News: Hall Of Famer Says The Revival Should ‘Take The Money’ And Stay With Company

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson (L-R) of The Revival walk toward the ring on a 2019 episode of SmackDown Live.

Despite WWE’s best efforts to offer a high-paying, attractive contract to The Revival, it looks like the erstwhile Friday Night SmackDown superstars are determined to leave the company once their contracts expire. But since Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are reportedly under contract until April and June respectively, there still might be time for both Revival members to change their minds, hence WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s suggestion that they accept the company’s offer.

Citing information previously reported by BodySlam.net, Fightful wrote that The Revival asked to be released from their contracts last month, not long after they refused contracts that would pay each of them $700,000 per year, with reduced dates proposed in a separate offer they also rejected. With that in mind, Booker T suggested on the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast that the tag team should “take the money” and not worry about the possibility — or lack thereof — of winning more championships while under contract with WWE.

“I don’t give a damn about no titles,” Booker T continued, as quoted by Fightful.

“Legacy and all that is okay. But if I had the choice of getting the money, and not working, I’m taking the money and I’m not gonna care about the legacy. I’m gonna take that $15 million and parlay that into 45 or 50. For me, it was about getting paid and parlaying professional wrestling into what I’m doing right now.”

As further explained by Booker T, he would have made a similar decision if he was given such an offer as a younger man, as a lighter schedule for more money would have allowed him to enjoy his overseas trips as a pro wrestler without having to work so hard. He added that at 54-years-old, he feels it’s more important to be able to “walk [his] daughter down the aisle” with healthy knees, which is why the much younger Dawson and Wilder should also make it their goal to “work [their] way” through the wrestling business instead of risking serious injuries through overwork.

Interestingly, the above comments came several weeks after rumors first swirled about The Revival possibly facing Harlem Heat — Booker T’s tag team with real-life brother Stevie Ray — at this year’s Royal Rumble. With these rumored plans falling through, the chances of the bout taking place at a later date might not be too good anymore due to Dawson and Wilder’s apparent desire to move on and join a rival promotion — possibly All Elite Wrestling, as frequently speculated.