Jessica Simpson Reveals That A 2015 Tummy Tuck Procedure Went Horribly Wrong

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Jessica Simpson’s new memoir, Open Book, is full of revealing details about the singer’s life. According to a report from Radar Online — based on an advance copy — the book details a tummy tuck procedure that went horribly wrong.

“The surgery wasn’t for weight loss. I weighed 107 pounds when I planned the surgery. I wanted to get rid of the stretch marks and loose skin left sagging from my back-to-back pregnancies,” she wrote in the book.

Simpson also revealed that she was so ashamed of her body at that time that she wore a t-shirt to have sex with Eric Johnson, going so far as to even shower with it on.

“I couldn’t bear to look at myself,” Simpson admitted.

During a trip ahead of the procedure, Simpson received a call from her doctor telling her that, while her plastic surgeon may have approved her for the surgery, he would not. He encouraged her to “stop everything” — including excessive drinking and taking pills — for three months in order to qualify for the surgery. Otherwise, her doctor said, she could die.

When she returned from her trip, Simpson did cut back on those substances, but she didn’t move her surgery date. According to the singer, that first surgery went fine, but she wasn’t satisfied with the results, so she scheduled a full tummy tuck for two months later.

Maintaining that she did stop drinking for that second surgery, things still didn’t go according to plan. The procedure took two hours longer than expected and she was eventually infected with colitis, which led to regular vomiting as she recovered. She was rushed to the hospital, where she secretly stayed for nine days.

Simpson’s memoir details her history with alcohol and drug abuse, her experience as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and her abusive and obsessive relationships as an adult.

In addition to revealing many of her most traumatic experiences and personal details, Open Book also includes plenty of lighter information about the star. According to E! News, Simpson turned down a role in The Notebook because they refused to take the sex scene out of the script.

Simpson was apparently particularly squeamish about the sex scene because it would have been with Ryan Gosling, who Simpson knew from her audition for The Mickey Mouse Club when she was young. Although she wasn’t ultimately accepted into the club, she still maintained a friendship with Gosling.

Open Book released on Tuesday, and has proven to be a revealing look at the singer’s life.