‘The Croods’ Review Roundup

'The Croods' review roundup

The Croods was released in theaters March 22. See what the critics had to say about the latest film from Dreamworks.

Dreamworks brings us an animated film that explores raising children in an era known as the “Croodacious period.” It was a time before flora and fauna had been decided. This charming film stars Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich, The 40-Year-Old Virgin), Emma Stone (Zombieland, Easy A), Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider, Kick-Ass), and Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder).

The Croods is a sweet film, but not sickeningly sweet.

The film tracks a family of Neanderthal cave dwellers who are struggling to stay alive after the elements killed off their neighbors. Dad Grug (Nicolas Cage) is a nervous type with a strong-man’s appearance. He absolutely hates the idea of curiosity, and considers it a dirty word, as he tries to make his daughter Eep (Emma Stone) stop looking for things. It’s in her nature to explore the world around her, so obviously she’s going to ignore him as she slips out in the night.

Also in opposition to Dad Grug is a stranger named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) with ideas about things like shoes, tools, and “baby suns” (AKA fire). Guy convinces Eep that staying the same is no longer safe, and after the tectonic plates start to shift under him, Dad Grug has no choice but to agree as the cave is destroyed. Thus begins the journey.

As they journey into the great unknown, they witness things that are dazzling to behold, visually rewarded for their decision to move on. The moral of the story seems to be that trying new things brings us forward in life.

The plot suffers from a few clichés we’ve seen a lot of in animated and family films, such as the irritable grandmother and Guy’s adorable pet sloth, Belt. Belt is pretty much the character that only the young at heart or just plain young will get any kind of amusement from.

What do you think of The Croods?