WWE News: Former Superstar Reveals Real Reason For Leaving Company

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Jazzy Gabert left WWE last month, but the circumstances surrounding her exit weren’t clear at the time. However, the former NXT UK superstar recently spoke with Wrestling Inc, and during the interview she revealed why she decided to part ways with the company.

According to Gabert, the lack of opportunities was her main reason for leaving the company. She had ambitions to join the Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown roster, only to be told that there were no opportunities for her on the main brands at the time.

“I had just one month with ‘NXT UK’ so we had the Performance Center for 10 days and then tapings. But for me that was not enough. I want to do it full time and be on the road all the time. So I was searching for other projects doing TV stuff and acting. It was successful and they were like, ‘Wow! You’re awesome and we really want to work with you.’ It was all or nothing so I had to make the decision and it was hard.”

NXT UK superstars don’t work a full-time schedule, which enables them to pursue other projects on the side. Some of the performers compete for independent promotions, as long as WWE approves of them beforehand. While that gives them more freedom and a healthier work-life balance, some superstars want long-term job security.

The German superstar also revealed that injuries motivated her decision to step away from in-ring action. She revealed that she was in pain whenever she went to the gym or trained, and while she loves being a wrestler, she stated that she prefers being “pain-free” more.

It remains to be seen what Gabert will do moving forward, but she appears to be focusing on her own wrestling promotion. In addition to being an in-ring competitor, she’s also a promoter, and she believes in showcasing characters that look intimidating and out of the ordinary. According to Gabert, the sport needs more superstars that “bring the fear to people,” such as Brock Lesnar and Nia Jax.

These days, wrestling features predominantly smaller wrestlers. However, Gabert is 6 feet tall and weighs 200 lbs, so it’s understandable why she wants to see more heavyweight performers compete in the squared circle. However, she also believes that the tide is turning back towards bigger wrestlers and over-the-top characters.

Gabert isn’t the only NXT UK superstar to leave the company recently, either. As The Inquisitr reported over the weekend, Killer Kelly has reportedly stepped away as well.