‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Fires Back After Being Told She Doesn’t Have A ‘Real Job’

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Kailyn Lowry has been sharing her life on the hit MTV reality show Teen Mom 2 for a decade and makes a decent amount of money by doing so. Therefore, when she was told she doesn’t have a “real job,” the mom of three fired back.

According to a report from Pop Culture, Kailyn posted on social media asking why she was awake so early in the morning.

In a now deleted tweet, one commenter took a shot at how the reality star makes money.

“You have to get ready for work…oh wait. You don’t have a real job I forgot.”

“But I get paid with real money so,” Kail fired back in a tweet.

Fans loved her reply and “liked” her tweet over 5,000 times. She also received plenty of positive support from her fans who understand that Kailyn’s job is definitely real.

“does tweeting about how @KailLowry ‘doesnt have a real job’ make your job any easier or your life any better? she literally runs a hair care line and everything. people gotta stop coming for the teen mom cast member frfr,” one fan wrote underneath Kail’s tweet.

Another pointed out that not only does Kailyn work, but she is also a mom to three young boys, which doesn’t exactly come with pay.

“Furthermore; being a stay at home mom is a job without pay,” the fan commented.

While Kailyn shares her life on reality television, that isn’t her only job. A third follower pointed out everything else Kail has done besides simply appearing on reality television.

“She has a degree and does a pod cast that brings in money and good ratings, she also has a hair care line…”

The mom of three has certainly accomplished a lot besides appearing on Teen Mom 2, so it would make sense that a comment about her not having a real job would make her clap back. Aside from appearing on the hit MTV reality show, she also co-hosts a podcast with Lindsie Chrisley titled Coffee Convos. The podcast is set to return soon and fans are seemingly looking forward it, often asking for updates on the status of the show from both Kailyn and Lindsie. Kailyn has also authored several books, including a children’s book released in 2015 titled Love Is Bubblegum.

Whether or not people are fans of Kailyn, there is no doubt she works hard at everything she does to provide for her family.