‘Borderlands 2’: Sixth Character Revealed [Video]

'Borderlands 2' sixth character revealed at PAX East

The sixth character from Borderlands 2 has been revealed.

Borderlands 2‘s sixth character has been a subject of speculation since its reveal earlier this month, but an image and a trailer have been released at PAX East, showing us at last what it is.

Krieg is an ex-psycho bandit, meaning one of those things you shoot and kill all the time is now playable. All that teasing since SXSW has finally paid off.

Krieg, the sixth character from Borderlands 2, is a melee-style fighter, primarily using his Buzz Axe. When his Blood Axe Rampage skill is activated, the weapon will be sort of a mechanical vampire, restoring your health when you attack an enemy with it. Kinda makes us wonder if, given the comedy aspect of the game, Krieg pulls some Duke Nukem-style one-liners when he uses this action skill to fillet some psycho bandits.

Borderlands 2 rewards you for jumping into the fray with Krieg, taking and dealing punishment, as his bloodlust tree is all about constantly dealing damage. If you end the combo with an explosion, there is a bonus. Also if you accidentally light yourself on fire, you get rewarded for that too.

The trailer begins with the words in red, “Deep beneath Pandora an experiment has escaped. Bandits beware, a new vault hunter is coming.”

In between snippets of the words, we see red on red silhouettes of Krieg in action, followed by a full-color reveal of him ready for battle, through what looks like a hole in the side of a high-tech building. The camera brings us closer to him as he lunges and swings. Then we get the same distorted closeup of him posing ready as smoke billows lightly around him.

The words continue, “Introducing Krieg,” before the game title pops up in front of him, and then he appears again with the words, “Playable [psycho] bandit character class coming soon.”

What do you think of the new sixth playable character for Borderlands 2?