‘Broken Age’ Is Official Name Of Double Fine Adventure Game

Broken Age

Broken Age is the name of the point and click adventure that DoubleFine has been working on for about a year. The company originally put forth a Kickstarter project looking for $400,000. While that project was supposed to be able to be funded over 33 days, it reached full funding in just a couple of hours.

The project eventually raked in as much as $2.6 million and now is apparently on the horizon of release. The company is now finally letting the general public know that was originally only known to people who were backing the game.

Broken Age is the official title for the game and DoubleFine has actually let a few more details for the game slip. The company let the name and the details slip at a panel for PAX over the weekend.

The game is a point and click adventure that allows people to play through two separate story lines. The first has to do with a girl who has been selected by her village to be sacrificed to a monster.

The other half of the story involves a boy who is living on a spaceship and being cared for by a motherly computer AI program. Both kids want to change their fate and gamers will work to help them do just that.

People who want to preorder the game, which will be made available on PC, Mac and Linux can still get their foot in the door. Should they contribute $15, they will get “Beta Access”. If someone were to pay $30 they would get the preorder plus “Backer Access”

The higher dollar amount would also give backers access to the forums where gamers will be able to get updates about the development of the game as well as first knowledge about when it will finally be released.

Does becoming a backer of Broken Age sound like something that interests you?