Sommer Ray Poses With A Yellow Jeep In High-Cut One-Piece On Instagram

Sommer Ray turned up the heat on Monday with a new post on Instagram. In a series of photos on her feed, the bombshell babe rocked a high-cut one-piece that left very little to the imagination as she posed alongside a yellow Jeep.

The photos showed Sommer standing in front of the car, which was surrounded by tall, green trees. The sun appeared to be setting, as just a hint of the fading blue sky could be seen in the background. Night may have been falling, but that didn't stop Sommer from soaking up every bit of the remaining light in a red and black, graphic one-piece. The swimsuit hugged the fitness guru in all the right places.

Sommer's swimwear featured a high neckline that covered most of her chest, although a bit of her sideboob did pop out as she moved. The one-piece clung to her flat, toned tummy, while the lower half of her suit exposed a ton of skin.

The bottom included a thong cut that put Sommer's pert derriere on full display, as well as her killer leg muscles. The sides came up high on the model's hips, which further accentuated her curves.

Sommer finished off the look with what looked to be a sheer, yellow, puffy vest, which hung loosely around her elbows and shoulders in the photos. She also wore a small, silver bracelet on her wrist. As for her makeup look, the babe rocked a matching red eye shadow, black eyeliner, expertly contoured cheekbones, bright highlighter, and a light pink color on her full lips. Her long, blond hair was tied up into a high ponytail that fell over her shoulders in thick curls.

In the first photo, Sommer rested her hands on the small of her back and arched her body in a way that popped her booty out. She allowed her hair to fall over her face as she flashed a piercing gaze. The second photo, she stretched her arm out, which further pulled her chest out of the top.

The post proved to be a hit with her fans, garnering more than 132,000 likes and just over 800 comments in under an hour. Many of the model's followers left praise for her flawless physique in the comments section.

"I wanna know how someone can be so pretty omg," one fan said.

"I'm so grateful to see the greatest fashion icon in my feed," another user added.

Sommer has certainly been driving her fans wild lately. In a different post over the weekend, the model rocked a red sports bra, which her followers loved.