Belgian Hottie Savannah Prez Showcases Her Flawless Figure In A Tiny Nude Crochet Bikini

Savannah Prez poses for a selfie on Instagram.
Savannah Prez / Instagram

Savannah Prez stunned in a skimpy bikini for her latest Instagram update. The Belgian hottie delighted her fans with the snap on Monday afternoon.

In the sexy post, Savannah posed in a nude crocheted bikini. The tiny two-piece left little to the imagination while flaunting the model’s toned arms, flat tummy, rock-hard abs, curvy hips, and long, lean legs.

Savannah posed with her arms at her sides and one hip pushed out. She gave a flirty smile to the camera and accessorized the gorgeous ensemble with a thick chain around her neck.

The brunette bombshell had her sandy brown hair parted to the side and styled in loose strands that fell down her back and engulfed her shoulders. She also added a natural makeup look for the shot.

The application included defined eyebrows, thick lashes, black eyeliner, and pink eyeshadow. She sported a shimmering highlighter on her face, pink blush on her cheeks, and nude lips as well. Savannah finished the look with a bronzed glow all over her body.

In the background of the photo, tons of green foliage could be seen as the sun shone down on the model. In the caption, she shared a message about motivation as it pertains to fitness and health.

Many of Savannah’s 687,000-plus followers immediately began to show their love and support for the post, clicking the “like” button over 3,500 times and leaving over 55 comments in the first 15 minutes after it was shared to her account.

“WOW! That’s a terrific shot!” one of Savannah’s fans remarked in the comments section.

“Wow you’re [sic] words is really reaaaally inspiring Savannah. You motivate so much. You are so wonderful! You’re so stunning. Thanks so much for sharing you’re [sic] words,” another admirer wrote.

“This post just helped me so much. Thank you!” revealed a third social media user.

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Let’s have a little chit-chat!⚡️ . I get asked all the time how I do stay motivated to go to the gym and eat healthy for years and years . So what gives me the power to continue with this day in day out? Simple: I do this for ME and I do this because I LOVE fitness and my body & health is everything to me. If you love doing something it all goes with so much less effort. . Always remember that whatever kind of sports you do, it will NEVER be a waste of time. Sooner or later it will pay off. But this depends on what YOU put in ofcourse! It can pay off through you feeling more fit overall, you getting stronger, a changed bodycomposition, better mindset etc. Progress comes in different ways, not in just the number on the scale.. check check! . So seeing back my startpoint vs. now it motivates the hell out of me to do even better. There’s no person in the world that will be a bigger motivation than you seeing your OWN progress. Trust me on this! . Won’t lie you guys are a big part of my motivation to keep going. Me preaching all the time to you to keep working hard, to not give up, to push yourself makes me feel like I have a responsibility in being the example EVERY DAY. I really can’t live with myself if I say to you “don’t skip legday” if I then would secretly do it so myself..???? I’d feel shit seriously hah! So documenting your journey online is a huge motivation not only to get support from others but to have those constant reminders where you come from and what you’re doing it for. In the end we all love to get compliments on our hardwork, don’t we? . And lastly I just love the feeling of being completely drained in sweat, having those bloody pumped legs and being able to barely walk HELL YESSS!????????????????????

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“STUNNING. This girl is a perfect 10 and there is no changing my mind. She looks natural and gorgeous!” a fourth comment read.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Savannah has a big fitness following and often posts motivational words and photos of herself to help inspire her fans on their own fitness journeys.

Just hours before her crocheted bikini snap, the model showcased her round booty, sculpted legs, tiny waist, and ample bust in a sweater and some very tight jeans.

That post was a huge hit among Savannah’s fans as well. To date, it’s racked up more than 26,000 likes and nearly 300 comments.