‘Chuck’ Movie Could Follow In ‘Veronica Mars’ Footsteps, Says Zachary Levi

Chuck movie hopes have heated up thanks to Veronica Mars, E! Online reported on Sunday.

Zachary Levi, star of the hit spy series, praised Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell and show creator Rob Thomas for the recent Kickstarter campaign that raised $2 million to fund a film continuation of the mystery series that ran for three seasons from 2004 through 2007.

In recent comments to E! Online, Levi said, “I think what Kristen and Rob have done is awesome … I love that they care about their fans. I love that they are bringing their talents back to their fans and wanting to kind of complete the journey they never got to the first time around.”

(The Veronica Mars film, in addition to bringing an all new adventure to fans, will fill in gaps from the end of the series run.)

Kickstarter and other crowd-funding platforms have started to change the way creators think about content. Joss Whedon may even be getting in on the act, according to BuzzFeed.

The filmmaker and TV creator has always wanted to revisit his Firefly series and upon realizing the success of the Veronica Mars film project, told the website “it was an awesome and ballsy move,” adding that “it feels like a real game-changer. Like, not since Louis C.K. [selling his comedy special directly online].”

Levi added, “I’ve always thought doing a Chuck movie would be fun … If we had just gone straight to monetizing it and selling it directly to the fans then, we might still actually be on the air.”

Levi said he planned to sit down with Chuck creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak to “gauge their temperature on it.”

“Of course, I’d only want to do it with the blessing of them, they created the show, and the blessing of Warner Bros.,” Levi said.

Chuck aired its series finale in 2012 after a five-season run. The show focused on Chuck (Levi), a computer geek who inadvertently becomes a mental host for The Intersect, a powerful computer brain with all the info available to the US government.

As both a risk and asset to his country, Chuck is looked after by top agents from the NSA and CIA. Spy adventures ensue.

Will you watch and/or help fund a Chuck movie?