Powerball Jackpot, $338M, Goes To One NJ Winner

A massive Powerball jackpot of $338M was drawn last night, and the lucky single winner is from New Jersey, it has been revealed.

Late yesterday, the Powerball jackpot had climbed to an impressive $310 million, as The Inquisitr reported. But as is common with relatively high draws, Saturday last-minute buys pushed the kitty up further, nearing $340 million by the time the numbers were drawn late Saturday night.

And, if you’re reading from New Jersey (our got your Powerball numbers there), those numbers were: 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 with the Powerball 31. Lump sum payout for the lucky one winner is a still-awesome $221 million.

Last night’s massive Powerball jackpot was a result of a lengthy run between winners. Before Saturday’s big $338M Powerball win, it had been more than a month since someone got lucky.

The last big Powerball win was also in the hundreds of millions, with Virginia Department of Defense employee Dave Honeywell and wife Nancy scoring a $217 million jackpot in mid-February.

KTAR notes that three were a spate of smaller winner’s in Saturday’s Powerball draw — several states clocked winners of around one million dollars:

“Thirteen other tickets worth $1 million each matched all but the final Powerball number on Saturday night. Those tickets were sold in New Jersey and 10 other states. Lottery officials said there was also one Power Play Match 5 winner in Iowa.”

New Jersey Lottery officials confirmed Sunday that details about the $338M Powerball win would be released Monday, likely including the location where the ticket was purchased as well as potential information about the winner.

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As of today, the commission did not disclose that information, and has not mentioned whether a winner for the big jackpot has come forward with their Powerball ticket.

The $338M Powerball win is the sixth biggest ever Powerball jackpot in history.