Shanina Shaik Shows Off Toned Bod In A Blue Bikini On Instagram

Charley GallayGetty Images

Shanina Shaik has been busy sharing fashion-forward updates on her Instagram feed lately, but her newest bikini pic was the first of its kind since November, 2019. The Victoria’s Secret model heated things up as she flaunted her toned figure in a bright blue bikini.

The beauty was spotted posing on her stomach as she laid on a plush green seating area. It looked like she was aboard a boat, with the shiny railings visible behind her. Shanina propped herself up with her right elbow, and bent her leg with her foot in the air. She also extended her left arm in front of her and glanced over to her left with a flirty expression on her face. A light gray pillow was placed behind her.

The bikini that Shanina wore appeared to have a classic cut, both for the top and bottoms. The latter was thong-style with thick side straps that rested low on her hips. This also meant that her bare derriere was left on display in the snap. She added another color to her look with her pink baseball hat, which was decorated with its brand name across the front in black font.

In the backdrop were turquoise blue waters and a shoreline with white buildings and tons of palm trees. A dock was also visible, along with a white boat sitting in a slip.

The photo was taken on a sunny day, with the sunlight leaving the model’s skin looking flawless and glowing. The skies were light blue with several hazy clouds.

The caption suggested that the photo was a throwback from last year when she was in Miami. This year, the Super Bowl took place in the city, so it’s no wonder that she was feeling nostalgic about her past trip.

Her adoring fans took to the comments section to leave her messages.

“I wish u were here too,” declared a follower.

“Miami is a good place any day,” declared an admirer.

“What a view!” exclaimed a supporter.

“Bikini beauty,” wrote a fourth social media user.

On December 25, 2019, Shanina was spotted in another swimsuit. The photo was posted by fellow Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor, and showed her in a group with three other stunners. Shanina wore a black bikini top and high-waisted gray leggings. The other women also wore different black swimsuits, and were smiling and apparently having a blast.

The picture was taken from a low vantage point with the cloudy sky visible behind them.