Cardi B Sizzles In A Spiky Corset & Super Tight Red Pants On Instagram

Cardi B has been sharing a mix of fashion and personal updates to her Instagram lately for her 58.9 million followers to enjoy. And her newest photo was of her recent outfit, which included a very eye-catching spiky corset and red pants.

The rapper was photographed in the back seat of a car. She sat with her knees facing the camera while glancing into the distance with a sassy expression on her face. She held a black purse in her left hand and raised her right hand into the air by her hair.

Cardi's outfit included contrasting colors and textures, which included her strapless top in an alligator print. In had black trim along her chest and vertical black and red stripes that decorated her sides. In addition, there were silver spikes that embellished her top, which added a risqué vibe to her look. The spikes varied in length, with the longest ones located towards the top of the corset. In addition, her pants were bright red and had a super tight fit. The way that she sat obscured the view of her shoes in the photo.

The beauty added to the glam factor with her hair and makeup, opting to wear her locks down in a middle part with luxurious curls at the ends. Her eyes popped with her black cat-eye makeup, and she sported a dark shade of lipstick. Furthermore, her extra-long and white manicure was bedazzled with little gems.

Her accessories included a sparkling bracelet, although it looked like she went without a necklace.

The photo was likely taken at night-time, but the bombshell was well-lit, thanks to the camera's flash.

Cardi's many followers rushed to the comments section to rave about her new snap.

"BADDIE B," declared a fan.

"Your faves could never serve looks like this," claimed a supporter.

"Cardi never have a bad day because she always look beautiful," exclaimed an admirer.

"@iamcardib d*mn Peace Queen keep building you deserve everything you're experiencing right now that's a Fendi Fact," gushed a fourth social media user.

In addition, the sensation was spotted two days ago in another sexy reptile-print ensemble. The minidress that she wore was bright pink snakeskin-print and hugged all of her curves, which left her cleavage on display. She wore a leather necklace accessory and matching shoes. These were made up mostly of buckles, which decorated her leg all the way up to her knees. Her hair was just as eye-catching, featuring a bright pink highlight down the center.