Too Short Avoids Felony Drug Possession Charges In Los Angeles

Too Short Drug Charges

Rapper Too Short is not being charged with felony drug possession along with his recent DUI charge.

Too Short was arrested on Wednesday after he was pulled over and attempted to flee the scene of his crime.

Arresting officers brought Too Short to jail, and, upon searching his clothing, they found a small amount of drugs, which led to further charges.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney on Sunday rejected the felony drug case. The agency noted that police officers only found a very small amount of drugs in Too Short’s vehicle. Because Short does not have a felony record, the District Attorney decided not to press charges for the meth discovery.

The case is now in the hands of the L.A. Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether or not misdemeanor charges should be filed.

In the meantime, Too Short claims that the drugs were not in his possession. The rapper says the drugs were left behind in the police vehicle by the last person cops arrested.

While never charged with a felony, the Blow The Whistle rapper has been on the wrong side of the law on numerous occasions.

In 2009, Too Short was arrested twice on suspicion of DUI and several other charges in Las Vegas. One year after his Las Vegas arrest, the rapper was charged with misdemeanor battery at an Idaho nightclub.

In February 2013, rumors circulated that Too Short was involved in a car crash and shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. The shooting left Oakland rapper Kenny Clutch and two other dead. Following the shooting, Too Short on his Facebook page claimed to have “no knowledge or connection to this incident.”

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