Sean Hannity’s Donald Trump Super Bowl Interview Slammed As ‘8 Minutes Of Pettiness,’ ‘Propaganda’ By Critics

Donald Trump's first network television interview in seven months aired during the Super Bowl pre-game show.

Donald Trump and Sean Hannity hold microphones while conversing.
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Donald Trump's first network television interview in seven months aired during the Super Bowl pre-game show.

During the pre-game show leading into the Fox Network broadcast of Super Bowl 2020 on Sunday, the network aired Donald Trump’s first interview with a broadcast TV network in seven months. But in addition to his claim to have “pretty much” stopped the current coronavirus outbreak, Trump’s interview received some negative reviews, with columnist Sean Collins of Vox slamming the conversation conducted by Fox News host Sean Hannity as “8 minutes of pettiness and empty braggadocio.”

Media analyst Matt Gertz — who regularly reports on the link between Fox News broadcasts and material appearing on Trump’s Twitter feed — also took to his Twitter account to dismiss the Hannity-Trump interview as “propaganda.”

Gertz lamented the lost opportunity for Fox News to “have done journalism on the biggest possible stage,” instead opting to broadcast “propaganda for the president instead, because that’s the network’s purpose.”

At one point in the interview, as reported by CNN correspondent Daniel Dale via his Twitter feed, Hannity simply stated names of Democratic presidential candidates and allowed Trump to react off the cuff.

In that sequence, Trump labeled Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden “sleepy,” called Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders “a communist,” and claimed of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, “this woman can’t tell the truth.” Trump also, as he has on many previous occasions, referred to Warren as “Pocohantas.”

Trump’s entire interview with Hannity may be viewed below.

During the same interview, Trump ridiculed former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the most recent entrant into the 2020 Democratic presidential field, for his height. The president claimed that Bloomberg would insist that he be allowed to stand on a box during any candidates’ debate — a claim Bloomberg quickly denied.

Speaking to Hannity, Trump not only insulted his potential Democratic rivals, he lavished praise on the work conducted by his administration.

“Nobody’s made achievements like we’ve made, so many different things,” Trump told Hannity.

Asked by Hannity about the current coronavirus outbreak in China which has led to nine reported cases in the United States, Trump claimed current victories.

“We pretty much shut it down, coming in from China.”

But far from having “shut down” the coronavirus epidemic, Trump’s actions and policies have caused the become “incapable” of dealing with the epidemic — or any widespread disease outbreak — according to a Sunday report by Foreign Policy magazine.

Trump has fired the “entire pandemic response chain of command” in the U.S. government and has dismantled the White House’s own infrastructure for dealing with widespread disease outbreaks, according to the Foreign Policy report.