Emily Simpson And Vicki Gunvalson Reignite Twitter Feud And Share Some Low Blows

Caitlin Albers

Vicki Gunvalson might be retired from The Real Housewives of Orange County, but that hasn't stopped the former Bravolebrity from engaging in Twitter feuds with current stars. Back in December, Vicki went back and forth with Emily Simpson on the social network and the pair exchanged some pretty low blows. Everything had been quiet between the duo for the second half of December and all of January, but it looks like Vicki might have missed a prior comment from Emily that caused her to reignite things.

The women were originally fighting over "drinking the kool-aid" in Season 14, where Vicki accused Emily of following around Kelly Dodd. Emily stood up for herself and said she didn't turn on Kelly like the Tres Amigas wanted her to, saying that Vicki's agenda was to get Kelly fired by having the whole cast go against her. That seems to be the tweet that Vicki missed, and she is now responding as if no time has gone by.

"Liar!!! I never once wanted anyone to turn against Kelly. My issue with her was between her and I. Nice try girl. You and I never spoke about Kelly and in fact we never spoke!!! #liar," Vicki wrote back.

"It's actually 'between her and me' but they probably didn't teach you that at insurance school," she wrote back with a shrugging emoji.

"Your an idiot," Vicki responded with improper grammar again.

It was Emily's next clap back that has RHOC fans cheering online.

"You're fired," she wrote.

Emily's response has more than 2,800 likes from fans, whereas most of Vicki's comments in the Twitter feud only brought in a few hundred apiece.

While it hasn't been confirmed whether Vicki was fired from RHOC or not, the COTO Insurance founder did announce last month that she was leaving the franchise on her own terms. Unfortunately, this is the tactic many fired housewives use after they've been let go from the show. Tamra Judge also recently announced she was leaving RHOC after 12 seasons, and while she claimed she decided to step away on her own, she later revealed Andy Cohen actually fired her when she was chatting with the Watch What Happens Live host.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15 is currently filming and will premiere on Bravo later this year.