NVIDIA’s Project Shield Gets Shown Off At PAX

NIVDIA’S Project Shield was shown off, live and “in person” at this weekend’s PAX East conference. The device is being billed as the part of the next generation of handheld gaming because it runs on an Android operating system while also allowing gamers to play computer games with it.

While some people think that the device is going to have some struggles once it finally hits the market, the appearance it made at PAX seems to have gotten tongues wagging and gamers excited.

While the handheld gaming system was on display at CES earlier in the year, this is the first time its makers have allowed the average citizenry to get their hands on it.

NVIDIA’s Project Shield works by using its GeForce Experience software to actually link up to any compatible computers and do a check for video games stored on them. Those games will then be listed on the Shield registry as available to play.

Once you want to play, streaming over a WiFi network is simple to do and the company has set it up so that the chipset will keep latency down while limiting the computing that is being done. The company said that when doing PC gaming the device will have about 10 hours of battery life.

When using the Android gaming function (powered by Jellybean) the battery life will be lower since actual computing will be going on. The crowning jewel of the handheld is a 72-core NVIDIA GeForce® GPU Quad-core A15 CPU that was designed specifically for this device.

The console grade controller looks and acts just like any other controller, which can certainly come in handy no matter if you are playing computer games or Android based games. The controller is attached to a 5-inch 720p resolution screen that is also multitouch for games that don’t support a joystick.

The speakers are also supposed to be one of a kind when it comes to what is usually equipped on a handheld gaming device. NVIDIA’S Project Shield doesn’t have an official release date but most expect it by the time the Holiday shopping season rolls around.