Ellen DeGeneres & Wife Portia De Rossi Team Up For Hilarious Super Bowl Ad For Amazon Alexa

The talk show host imagines what life was like before Amazon's virtual assistant was created.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres attend the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 05, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California.
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

The talk show host imagines what life was like before Amazon's virtual assistant was created.

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are Super Bowl stars. The celebrity couple teamed up to star in a commercial for Amazon’s Alexa to make its TV debut during Super Bowl LIV.

Ellen’s wife of 12 years is always by her side for important events, but the Super Bowl pairing is a rare chance to see the couple in an “acting” role together.

In the advertisement, Ellen and her wife are getting ready to go out for the night. The 62-year-old talk show star tells Alexa to turn down the thermostat, then she asks Portia what people did before the virtual assistant was created.

Flashbacks to historical times ensue in a playful look at life before smart speakers became a thing. Old-time maids and newsboys, with names similar to “Alexa,” are featured in the ad.

A queen from the 1600s asks a jester named Alexine (Jamie Demetriou) to tell her a joke, but the funniest thing he can come up with is his outfit.

A newsboy named Alex won’t share the news because he says it’s all fake anyway, and when President Richard Nixon tells his secretary Alicia to remind him to “delete those tapes,” she has other ideas.

The clip ends with Ellen and Portia in their car with Ellen asking Alexa to play her favorite song, which just happens to be Usher’s 2004 hit “Yeah!”

In the comments section to a sneak peek of the commercial on YouTube, some fans noted how expensive it must have been to make and wondered how much Amazon paid Ellen to star in it. Others were more focused on Ellen and Portia’s still-sweet relationship. The two stars have been a couple since 2004 and were married in Beverly Hills in 2008.

“Ellen & Portia are relationship goals,” one fan wrote. “The way they smile when looking at each other is just adorable.”

“I mean, just look at the smile every time Portia has on her face when she looks at Ellen, that is just super cute!” another added.

“If Ellen and Portia made a movie together I’d be the first in line to watch it,” a third fan wrote.

“Ellen and Portia gorgeous gorgeous couple!” another wrote.

With Ellen and Portia as stars of the Amazon Alexa ad, the commercial is reportedly one of seven Super Bowl LIV commercials that feature LGBTQ people or themes, The Advocate reports. TurboTax, Pop-Tarts, Microsoft, Olay, Sabra, and Doritos are also said to have created ads that are LGBTQ-inclusive.