February 1, 2020
'Today's' Dylan Dreyer Shares An Adorable Photo Of 1-Month-Old Son Ollie

One month ago, Dylan Dreyer of the Today Show gave birth to her second son with her husband Brian Fichera. The baby's name is Oliver, known affectionately as Ollie. Last week, she shared an adorable Instagram photo of the baby with a special 1-month-old t-shirt. She also called into the Today Show to chat with her fellow co-anchors and give them an update about how she's been doing since giving birth, according to Today.

Even though Ollie is only 1-month-old, Dreyer was shocked to see him already making some major achievements, even rolling over all on his own.

"I couldn't believe it. So, we've been doing tummy time and I was like, you know, he was just kind of like laying there and I was looking around and I saw him roll over and then I grabbed my camera to see if it was a fluke or if he'd do it again and then here it is the second time."
The Today Show's Al Roker, Jill Martin, and Stephanie Gosk were excited to see Dreyer via video call as she has been on maternity leave since the birth of her son.Dreyer also has another young son named Calvin whom she says has been adjusting nicely into the role of big brother, even if he is a bit too rough with him some of the time.

"He loves him, although I think he does think he's a toy. It's always, 'Calvin, just gentle, gentle,'" she said with a laugh.

Dreyer did not get pregnant easily and had to go through a lot of heartbreak. Last year, Dreyer opened up candidly on air about how she and her husband were struggling with infertility. While they desperately wanted to give Calvin a sibling, they were worried that this might not be in the cards for them. They even suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage that left her wondering if she'd ever have another child. When she did finally get pregnant, she was ecstatic to share the happy news with everyone on the Today Show, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

She later opened up about how it was her faith that kept her strong through the many difficult months of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. She made it clear that she credits God for little Ollie and said that she thanks God every night for not allowing her and her husband to have to deal with infertility any longer than they had to.