Joe Buck's Wife, Michelle Beisner-Buck, Featured On ESPN's Super Bowl Special With Deebo Samuel Story

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Shortly before Super Bowl LIV, which pits the San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, sportscaster Joe Buck's wife, Michelle Beisner-Buck, will appear on ESPN's special four-hour edition of Postseason NFL Countdown, according to the network's press room.

Beisner-Buck's segment is set to air at 12.30 p.m. and will look into 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel. ESPN released the following synopsis on the special.

"49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel is named after a character portrayed in Ice Cube's hit movie Friday, Michelle Beisner Buck reports. Ice Cube, the American rapper, actor and director, is featured in the story."

In addition to the press release, Beisner-Buck had posted about the feature piece to her official Instagram account. The image showed herself and others involved in the production as she thanked Ice Cube for his involvement. At the time, she did not reveal further details other than to say that it was to be a part of a Super Bowl special. Her followers were quick to comment, though.

"Ummm... I would have 3,436 questions for that dude," said one of the reporter's followers. "So cool."

"So cool, can't wait to see it!" commented another fan.

A segment on the history of the first 100 years of the NFL will help fill in any blanks regarding how pro football became so popular. This will include plenty of archival footage, along with sound bites relating to the league and its history.

Other segments will focus on the other great athletes who will be playing tonight. In addition, commentary from Josina Anderson (49ers) and Sal Paolantonio (Chiefs) will help sports fans get live updates prior to the big game.

Parts of the broadcast will be dedicated to a tribute to Kobe Bryant. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bryant died last Sunday in a tragic helicopter crash that also claimed the life of his second-oldest daughter Gianna, as well as seven other people. The tribute will look at how the NBA legend also helped to shape and impact some of the NFL's stars.

"When I was little, my daddy said I was a bully," Samuel revealed to Gamecocks Online in 2015.

"He said I was always taking things from him. The nickname stuck, so I'm good with it."