February 1, 2020
Sierra Skye Lies On Her Back In Bright Lingerie On Instagram

Sierra Skye turned up the heat on her Instagram page today with a new lingerie pic. She gave fans an eagle-eye view of her figure as she laid on her back while sporting a brightly colored ensemble.

The model's incredible tan was hard to miss, especially as it made her lingerie pop against the color of her skin. She wore a striking red bra that hugged her curves and a tiny, matching thong. It was so small that only her side strap could be seen in the shot. As well, Sierra wore a garter belt that she left unclipped. The set was from Lounge Intimates.

The stunner posed on a white bed and a couple of pillows could be seen on the left side of the frame. She placed both of her hands on her head and left her elbows out to the sides. Sierra closed her eyes and looked to her left, and also propped out her right leg to the side. This helped emphasize her curvy derriere, along with her toned midriff.

The sensation opted to wear her hair up in a messy bun and left short bangs falling around her face. As well, she accessorized with silver rings, a bracelet, and thin hoop earrings.

Although her makeup was hard to discern thanks to her pose, her bright red manicure could be seen.

The model appeared to have been photographed in low light, with the flash serving to illuminate her figure.

Sierra's many fans headed to the comments section to talk about the new share.

"Omg literally the most perfect picture to start off February......," gushed a follower.

"Keep illuminating the world with your inner and outer flawless beauty," encouraged an admirer.

"The hottest star in the galaxy," declared a supporter.

"Best body on Instagram, how many times a week so [sic] you train? Xx," wondered a fourth social media user.

Considering that Valentine's Day is just around the corner in a couple of weeks, fans can hope for even more lingerie pics in the coming days.

In addition, Sierra was spotted in her underwear on January 11. She was seen posing in a completely different environment this time — instead of a bed, she stood outdoors in the snow. But she wasn't dressed for the weather, opting only to wear white lingerie, a beanie, and boots. The underwear was all white, and she faced her back to the camera. Her neon orange accessories infused bright pops of color.