February 1, 2020
Lyna Perez Unzips Her Bikini Top In Sizzling New Instagram Update

Lyna Perez likely captured the attention of many of her 4.6 million Instagram followers with her newest update that she shared today. It was a video that was made to promote Bang Energy drink, and it showed her wearing a colorful bikini. The stunner was unzipping her top at the beginning of the video, which kicked off the rest of the sultry moments that were captured for the post.

The model's outfit included a zip-up bikini top that largely featured the energy drink's brand name. It read "Bang" in lower caps on the left side of her chest, with the font being done in American flag colors. Behind it was a modern purple design.

On the right side of her chest was the logo for the drink, which was blue with a red background. Lyna's bikini bottoms were simple; they were white with thick straps that rested high on her hips.

The stunner was first seen walking through the doors of a black fence. After she closed the door behind her, she stood by a white column and unzipped her top. This allowed her to show off her cleavage, which was arguably hard to miss.

The rest of the video showed Lyna drinking out of a can, as well as striking flirty poses for the camera. She played with her hair, twirled to show off her derriere, and more. A lot of the footage was slowed down, which added a flirty vibe.

The backdrop included a well-manicured courtyard with a lawn, small trees, and a pool.

Lyna's many fans rushed to the comments section to share their compliments.

"The baddest of them all," declared an admirer.

"I have been a fan of urs [sic] since the start of this journey to now too. You simply are just indescribable you know. #justsaying #fact," gushed a supporter.

"How are you real!?" exclaimed a follower.

"Where could I get a pic of you to use as a wallpaper for my phone?" asked a fourth social media user.

The bombshell tantalized her fans in another photo yesterday. She only wore a thong, which may have been bikini bottoms. In that post, there was nothing for her to unzip, considering that she went topless.

Lyna posed outside on a patio with a glass railing. She faced her back to the camera, and showed off her bare booty and sideboob. The model looked over at the camera with a sizzling expression on her face.