February 1, 2020
Joe Biden Claps Back At Prankster Who Says 'My Wife Left Me' In Middle Of Rally: 'I'm Beginning To See Why'

Joe Biden clapped back at a prankster who interrupted a political rally on Saturday, shooting back to a man who said "my wife recently left me" by promising to talk afterward, then saying he was "beginning to see why" she left him when the man refused to stop.

The interruption took place at a town hall in North Liberty, Iowa, just ahead of the start of the 2020 Democratic primary. As Mediaite reported, Biden was accepting the endorsement of the Amalgamated Transit Union and talking to voters when a man who is part of the comedy group The Good Liars stopped to ask Biden a very personal question.

"Mr. Vice President, my wife recently left me, she is divorcing me, what can I do to get her back?" said Jason Selvig, one half of the comedy team. "What advice could you give somebody like me to get her back?"

Biden promised the man that he would talk about it afterward, but Selvig insisted that they address it immediately.

"Well, could we just get this out right now because we're, you know we're live," Selvig said.

"No, no we're live," Biden responded, adding, "I'm beginning to see why your wife left you."

The one-liner drew laughs from the crowd, but it wasn't the only interruption that Biden had to deal with during the campaign event. The other member of the comedy duo later stood up to give Biden a backhanded endorsement.

"Mr. Vice President I just want to say you're a fine candidate and I'm planning on settling for Biden in 2020," said Davram Stiefler.

The crowd took over, jeering the man and breaking out into chants of "Let's go Joe!" to drown him out. Biden had another response, saying that it appeared Republicans were sending people to the caucus and asking the man to give back his campaign shirt.

Biden has been spending a lot of time in Iowa ahead of Monday's caucuses, which kicks off the Democratic primary.

This is not the first time that the comedy team has made headlines for interrupting a political event. Late last year, they interrupted President Donald Trump to let him know that his dry speech wasn't keeping their attention. The two, who were wearing Trump campaign gear and "Make American Great Again" hats, told Trump that he was being too "boring."

The comedy team haven't yet shared video of their interruption at Biden's event, though it seems likely they would have been filming.