February 1, 2020
Peruvian Beauty Queen Paula Manzanal Barely Contained By Slinky Minidress In Steamy New Video

Former Miss Peru and famous model Paula Manzanal Cartwright had a special treat for her numerous Instagram followers on Saturday. The South American beauty showed off her latest Fashion Nova outfit in a sizzling new video and left fans speechless with her flawless figure and disarming charm.

The outfit of choice was a sexy bodycon minidress that represented the perfect mash-up between chic and sauciness. The slinky dress was a strappy, one-shoulder design that exposed a large portion of her chiseled bust. The garment boasted a plunging, asymmetric neckline that completely bared one of her shoulders, cutting into her decolletage on one side only to reveal more on the other. The dress showed even more skin via a pair of small, cheeky cutouts that separated the outfit's skimpy, wrap bodice from its equally skimpy skirt. A larger, almost scandalous cutout adorned the front of the dress, exposing the bombshell's cleavage. To add more spice to the already steamy look, she opted to go braless in the form-fitting dress.

Paula shone like the pageant royalty that she is in the daring number. The dress was a bright yellow color that complemented her golden tresses and glowing tan. The Peruvian bombshell was so excited about the new look that she stopped posing for a moment to tell fans she "absolutely loved" the dress and that yellow was "one of her favorite colors." What's more, Paula showcased the minidress from all angles, turning around for the camera to offer a complete view of her outfit.

The captivating video, which was scored to KAROL G and Nicki Minaj's "Tusa," started off with a shot of Paula seemingly shimmying into the skintight dress. The 26-year-old hottie had her back to the camera and was zipping up the dress in the back. The clip captured her from the mid-thigh up, which was where the dress ended, and spotlighted the babe's curvy posterior. The snug minidress fit her like a glove, clinging to her curvaceous derriere and emphasizing her tiny waistline.

The camera followed Paula's hands as she zipped up the dress, showing the model's shimmering, skin-toned manicure and offering a great view of her bare back. The babe ruffled her hair and turned around to show off the dress from the front. The model was looking off-camera and appeared to be checking herself out in a mirror as she arranged her long locks. It was then that she noticed the dress needed serious adjustment, as the neckline was askew and on the verge of revealing more than she bargained for.

Paula narrowly avoided a wardrobe malfunction that almost saw her bursting out of the tighter-than-skin dress. After a quick adjustment, she was ready to face the camera and say a few words about the eye-catching attire. The Callao native flaunted her hourglass curves in the figure-hugging outfit, which she accessorized with a shiny gold watch and massive hoop earrings. Her bling also included a gold pendant necklace that adorned her decolletage, calling even more attention to her busty assets.

The video then cut to a scene of Paula slipping on a pair of metallic-gold platform heels to match the dress. The fabulous shoes were a strappy design that highlighted her slender ankles. The buxom babe was sitting on a bed with her legs elegantly crossed. Once her heels were on, she quickly got up, pulling down the slinky dress over her hips. The final images were a close-up view of Paula's shapely bust, as the model shot a seductive look at the camera, before coquettishly batting her eyelashes and flashing a coy smile.

The saucy video was an instant hit with her fans, racking up close to 14,000 likes in the first 15 minutes of being uploaded on the platform. In the space of two hours, the post garnered more than 73,100 likes and 185 comments from Paula's admirers.

As expected, followers fell in love with the sexy look and couldn't keep their eye off of Paula's bombshell curves.

"Oh mama those incredible curves," wrote one person, adding three fire emoji for emphasis.

"My God look at those curves," gushed another, followed by two heart-eyes emoji and a pair of fire emoji.

"Shining like a diamond more than a sunny day," quipped a third fan, leaving a fire emoji and a heart emoji.