February 1, 2020
Alexandra Cane Shows Off Booty In Thong Bikini On Instagram

Alexandra Cane has been sharing a ton of flirty and fun photos lately on her Instagram page. She kept things rolling with a brand new bikini pic, showing off her booty in a thong ensemble.

The model stood with her back angled towards the camera while posing on an outdoor patio. Behind her was a white, high-rise building and bright blue waters beyond that. There were boats in the water, and the horizon revealed a cityscape.

The beauty placed her right hand in her hair and glanced over her left shoulder with a smile on her face. She wore her hair down in a casual side part, with her short locks obscuring half of her face in shadow.

Alexandra's makeup application included shimmery eyeshadow and glossy, light pink lipstick. She also accessorized with a geometric bracelet and small hoop earrings.

The photo was taken on a sunny day with blue skies, in which wispy clouds could be seen here and there.

The tag on the photo revealed that she was at Bali On The Bay, which is located in Miami. The caption noted that she's heading back to the U.S., so this made it apparent that the shot is a throwback. Currently, Alexandra is enjoying a trip to Havana, Cuba, which she previously said was a solo excursion.

Her many followers headed to the comments section to share their love. Many of the messages appeared to be from female fans, with people focusing on her honest caption.

"You look insane! Love your outlook on life, it's so refreshing!!" gushed an admirer.

"Thank you for making stretch marks normal," complimented a follower.

"U look amazing but [applause] for keeping it real. U can still look fabulous with stretch marks. Thank you for making me feel a bit better about myself today," wrote a supporter, using several hand clap emoji to make their point.

"What a gorgeous queen! U are so inspiring and beautiful. Keep shining," raved a fourth Instagram user.

It looks like Alexandra's choice to keep things natural is a big hit.

This is hardly her only bikini photo as of late. The bombshell posted a similar update on January 26. In that image, she was spotted outside in a sandy area, holding up snorkeling gear in her hands. Behind her were a couple of huts and a wooden fence. She smiled widely and slightly bent her left knee. Her bikini was white with brightly colored designs on it, and the ensemble popped against her tanned skin. In addition, her toned body was hard to miss.