February 1, 2020
Alex Rodriguez To Join Jennifer Lopez For Super Bowl LIV In An Unexpected Way

While Jennifer Lopez has been practicing for her halftime Super Bowl LIV appearance with Shakira, Alex Rodriguez has also been practicing for his own bit that will air during the big game. On Friday, JLo showed a video on Instagram featuring her love, who happens to be the star of a new commercial slated to air for the first time on Sunday during the football contest that will decide the champions for this season.

The clip, which was made up of a portion of the new commercial, shows Alex on a baseball field. The former professional shortstop is dressed casually in jeans, a plaid shirt over a white T-shirt, a jean jacket, sneakers, and aviator-style sunglasses.

As the video starts, the sky darkens as he stands at a distance with his back to the camera. Then, he slowly begins to walk, taking off his shades and picking up a handful of dirt from the ground to run it through his fingers in a meaningful way.

Following that scenario, he switches gears to ride in a car as scenes show aspects of city life in the Dominican Republic, including graffiti-laden shops, residential homes, and kids walking along sidewalks. Alex mentions that prior to being "ARod," he was Alex, and this is where he grew up.

"Some of us may have left the DR but the DR never left us," the affable athlete states, while the clip shows a close-up of people playing dominos and having a lot of fun.

At that point, a cold bottle of Presidente is featured, after which time Alex calls the Dominican beer, "my beer."

JLo's latest Instagram update showing a portion of ARod's Super Bowl LIV commercial was popular among her 110 million followers. Within about 19 hours of going live, the post earned nearly a quarter of a million likes and more than 2,700 comments.

Many used emoji -- such as fire, the Dominican Republic flag, strong arms, red hearts, and star-eye faces -- while others talked about how they were feeling.

"From the halftime show to the screen. Cheers to an unforgettable Super Bowl!" remarked the official Presidente-USA Instagram account, who added an emoji showing two mugs of frothy beer.

"The support between you two is so cute," stated a second social media user, who added a wide-eyes face and a red heart emoji.

"I have to try it!" said a third fan, who was talking about tasting Presidente beer.

"Supporting BAE!" exclaimed another follower.