February 1, 2020
Michelle Lewin Poses On Her Knees In Lingerie On Instagram

Michelle Lewin has been posting Instagram updates based on her fitness tips and daily outfits lately but spiced things up today with a new lingerie pic. The toned model showed off her sultry side in the snap, striking a sexy pose on her knees.

The stunner was photographed on a bed and sat up slightly while on her knees. She also tugged at the sides of her bottoms with her hands as she gazed into the distance to her right, parting her lips a little in a sultry manner.

Her ensemble featured light, muted tones; her bra was a cream color and consisted of a couple of different types of fabric. The lower portion was made of a thick lace, and the top portion was made of mesh fabric. Plus, she wore a pair of sheer bottoms that were white with a slanted v-waistline. The combination of Michelle's pose and lingerie left her cleavage and toned midriff on full display.

The beauty chose to wear her hair down in a casual right side part, her dark roots showing a little, which gave way to platinum blond locks. Her makeup included dark mascara and eyeshadow, along with light pink lipstick. She accessorized simply with a necklace with a small charm, a bracelet, and a small stud belly button ring.

The bed that she sat on had tan sheets, and behind her was a tall, tubular light fixture along with a side table. The light streamed into the room and lit up the walls, with some of it hitting the left side of Michelle's body. Her skin looked glowing and flawless in the photo.

Her admiring fans rushed to the comments section to leave these messages. While there were plenty of people who were wowed by her good looks, others were distracted by her silly captions.

"Lmk where and when.. I'll come thru and roll some strikes," said a follower.

"Yea! This Super Bowling is supposed to be the best one yet!" exclaimed a supporter.

"Need pictures of you wearing rented bowling shoes," requested a fan.

But not everyone felt like playing along.

"Super Bowl is not for bowling," wrote a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, Michelle's second most recent lingerie pic was posted on January 18. This time, she opted for a cotton bra and matching bottoms from Calvin Klein. The bombshell was photographed alongside her partner, and they were spotted striking a sizzling pose.

Michelle looked down a little and pursed her lips, and her dark purple makeup and black lashes were easy to spot.