Australian Fitness Bombshell Stephanie Sanzo Powers Through Full Body Routine In Black Crop Top, Gray Shorts

Australian fitness bombshell Stephanie Sanzo powered through a strenuous-looking full-body workout in the most recent video on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a black crop top and gray shorts, the muscular mother-of-two started the exercise routine with a standard barbell deadlift. After a couple of reps, she brought out a pair of dumbbells for a variation on the move called the Romanian deadlift. These involved a similar forward-leaning motion as the conventional version of the exercise, but she did them at a much faster pace.

In the next clip, Stephanie planted her feet in a glute-hamstring machine for a series of raises meant to activate these muscles. Each rep required her to bend forward and then raise her torso from a kneeling position.

Seated leg curls followed which were essentially weighted bent-knee leg extensions. Stephanie then ended the video with a series of kettlebell swings.

In the caption, Stephanie focused on discussing deadlifts. She lauded the exercise's benefits, telling fans that it trains the entire body. But she also admitted that this can be a drawback when trying to choose other exercises to group them with. The blond powerhouse went on to reveal that during this week of her SWEAT app challenge, the participants are focused on training the hamstrings and are doing circuits that pair deadlifts with moves designed to target those muscles. The exercises in her most recent Instagram video seem to be the same ones included in the challenge as well.

The video was viewed over 20,000 times within an hour after it was posted. In the comments section, fans showered Stephanie with lots of compliments.

"You're unreal," one person wrote. "You keep me motivated. So strong."

"You're truly a beast and inspiration" another follower added. "Great tips on exercises which I can implement in my own routines."

Stephanie's workout program also got rave reviews.

"Did this today #sweatchallenge week 4... Wow, tough as..," a third commenter wrote. "But I'm loving every minute of it."

"I signed up for your program," a fourth admirer shared. "I really like how you work as you explain all things. You're very good."

But amid all of the effusive compliments, some fans had questions about the workout she demonstrated in her video. One inquisitive commenter asked why she decided to remove her sneakers to do the traditional deadlift.

In her reply, Stephanie said that doing so helped her feel more stable while performing the exercise.