February 1, 2020
Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flaunts Curves, Flashes Underboob In Tight Black Top And Daisy Dukes

On Friday night, cosplay model Liz Katz had a treat for her loyal social media followers. She took to Instagram and got the weekend started on a high note by sharing a steamy new gaming-themed update for her 1.1 million-strong fanbase.

In a minute-long video scored to a 1980s-style synthesizer theme, Liz was shot while playing a variety of gaming devices, including a laptop, an Xbox One, and a Nintendo Switch. For the entirety of this clip, the professional cosplayer wore a short-sleeved black crop top, a tiny pair of Daisy Dukes, and white sneakers, striking a variety of poses as she constantly flashed flirtatious glances at the camera. She also had what looked like a checkered shirt tied around her waist, as well as a pair of cat ears that she wore to match her pink headphones.

After teasing viewers with a bit of cleavage and also showing off her flat midriff and curvy booty at multiple points, Liz upped the ante as the video drew to a close, flaunting some generous underboob in the final seconds. In order to ensure that her update remained safe enough for Instagram, the blond bombshell used both hands to censor her breasts while lifting her shirt. She did, however, make sure to mention in the caption that the full, uncensored version of the clip is available for paid members on her official website.

In the 11 hours since the video was shared, it has gotten over 71,000 views, with close to 20,000 fans hitting the "like" button and showing their love for the 31-year-old cosplay model. In addition, more than 350 Instagram users took to the comments section, mostly to compliment Liz and talk about their favorite parts of the newly uploaded gaming-centric post.

"Look at that, even @lizkatzofficial plays on a Xbox One, all you ps4 goers get outta here...," observed one follower, noting that the model wasn't seen using a PlayStation 4 controller for the duration of the video.

"I'm pressing start it's not working...," joked another fan, in reference to Liz's "Press Start" thigh tattoos, which were also on full display in the clip.

"Totally love your video plus the awesome part is that you are a gamer and anime fan totally my type of a girl," said a third admirer, wrapping up their comment with an angel emoji.

Although PS users may have missed out on seeing their console of choice represented on the new update, Liz had something for them earlier this week, as she flashed a fair bit of underboob while lifting up a black sweater with the original PlayStation logo.